Is it worth it?

In our efforts to have a better and brighter future, we tend to lose sight of why we are actually doing it. We sometimes end up working for the sake of working, still believing that what we are doing is for a better future. I’m not saying its wrong to work for a better future, but personally no matter how hard you work, do not forget to have fun. As we all know time flies, in the efforts of striving for a better future, we lose track of time and end up giving up our youth. 

Some people might say, sacrifice your youth and you can enjoy when you are older, personally i disagree to that, i believe that in everything we do, we must not forget that each day past is a day we are not able to get back. Yes, we should work hard, but in the effort of working hard do not forget to have fun. Do not forget that with each passing day, we are getting older.

Yes, we can totally enjoy the fruits of our labor when we are older, but to me, there are things that you can only enjoy when we are still young, when we are still youthful, why sacrifice a phase of life for something that we are unsure about? 

Every phase in life is unique, each phase teaches and each phase give us memories that will shape us to who we are when we are older. Enjoy whatever time you still have as a youth, cause when you become an adult, there are things that you will be restricted, not by others but by yourself. Do not forget that time is precious and every minute that passes is every minute gone. Harsh as it may sound, every minute that ticks away, is a minute more towards death. Will you look back when you are old and ask yourself ‘ for what purpose did i work so hard for, i wasted my youth for things that i can never bring with me when i die.’ Memories are the only things that will follow us through time, we are the creators of our memories, when you look back, will it be one that you enjoyed or will it be one that you wish you could enjoy?

You only live once, so embrace each day, taking each day as it comes, Yes we should plan for the future but do not lose track of the present while looking ahead. You might slip and fall on a banana peel, if you do not look what is one step ahead of you. 

At the end of the journey and you ask yourself ‘was it worth it?’, will your answer be Yes or No? 


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